UK Writers Club deals with 100% straightforwardness, thus this proclamation confirms the motivation behind social event your information and how it is sheltered and overseen by us. We have additionally underlined your freedoms and how you can practice control while functioning with an internet-based site.

Primary Purpose of Data Collection

When you start working with us you ought to know that you are needed to impart the following details to us; your name, email address, and telephone number. These are mandatory for maintaining your account or order history. Moreover, we request your country's name for goods and services tax purposes and for reaching you dependent on your helpful time zones – the last option is likewise affirmed through your IP address that is stored in our framework. It additionally functions as a wellbeing element to follow utilizing various records from a similar IP address.

In addition, your email address and telephone number aren't just utilized by us to connect with you, yet in addition for advertising purposes. You will be refreshed with our most up-to-date offers, limits, and special deals. You can also quit these if you wish. Furthermore, after your educated assent, your feedback can be posted on our site. Since your first name perhaps joined to your tribute, you have the choice of unveiling it or not. We would require your data, which would be secured by us, for only from time to time overviews as well.

Maintaining Data Confidentiality

We have executed severe safety efforts to ensure your information is secured and passed on safely. With the utilization of different encryption methods, we anonymous content that is at this point not in our instant use. On top of that, we additionally store information that can't be effectively retrieved by our employees in general, however just the individuals who have been sworn in to the most significant level of secrecy. Total history of kept up relating to recovery of any data and the justification behind it. In spite of the fact that we do caution our young crowd that they should be extra cautious in speaking with us, particularly with regards to giving sensitive data identified with your debit cards. Since any unapproved, an outsider might get close enough to it. What's more, there isn't a lot of control that we can practice over it.

Besides, we dispose of your information, either upon your solicitation or when it is of no worth to us. Information is just held for prolonged span of time for tax purposes. Other than that we have solid network protection that is continually checked to forestall any breeches.


Experiences shared by students from different degree levels is the key to our never-ending professionalism and will to deliver the best.

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